Our business is to extract valuable compounds out of end of life truck tires. Rubber powders and granulates are re-used in various applications like the production of new tires, rubber compounds for re-treading truck tires and production of de-vulcanised rubber. For a full list of our quality products and applications please check our product list.

Kargro Recycling is member of the Kargro Group. In our production plant in Nederweert we recycle 60.000 tons of truck tires per year. The Kargo Group is specialized in re-treading used truck casings.

Kargro recycling was founded in 1982 with the purpose to solve the global waste problem with end of life truck tires.

We believe all of us corporations, businesses and entrepreneurs should contribute within our own trade and reach. As of today Kargro Recycling developed a complete circular recycling production line. We sell our unique circular quality products to our worldwide customers.

Kargro Recycling ; A natural choice.

Circular tire map


The discussion on the environmental impact of the worldwide linear production model of tires, frequently focuses on the management of tires that have reached the end of their useful life.

It is estimated that every year, worldwide, a total of 1 billion End of Life Tires ( E.L.T. ) are generated. Disposing of these tires in an environmentally sound and productive manner is a high priority goal of the global tire business. Various regional initiatives have been launched to address this issue supported by government authorities, individual tire manufactures, and the broader tire industry. So far unsuccessfully.

We believe, as a leading tire recycling company , our obligation and contribution to society is to create real solutions which makes our planet a happy and clean place to live for future generations.

As a natural result of this, the Kargro Group is proudly introducing the world’s first productive circular solution for the E.L.T. environmental problem. With our circular technologies, we make it possible to transfer End of Life tires into high quality raw materials which are used to produce new tires, powder coatings, tinctures, infills, steel and many other applications.

A natural choice which only starts from here.


As a leading truck tire recycling company, Kargro Recycling has always invested in product innovations, plant processing and logistic development. The fluctuating market demand for product improvements and circular waste solutions, has led to Kargro Recyclings participations in new research projects, such as conduct research into de-vulcanisation technologies.

For the entire Kargro group as such , circular recycling and innovative technologies are inseparable from each other and therefore an almost natural condition for the development of the company and the entire tire industry.

Kargro Recycling, a natural choice.


We ensure our customers a consistent production of rubber powders and granulates with an unsurpassable high quality standard.

Our products are available from stock and we deliver our products to worldwide customers.

Kargro Recyclings worldwide reputation for quality and reliability is the only driver behind the increase of our global trade. Internet allows our international market share to grow. Business to business media networks ensure transparency in the various markets , with regards to price and quality. Development of worldwide accepted  standard product quality certifications enables overseas customers to purchase trusted products .

On demand we develop customized products which matches with the expectations and needs of our customers. In cooperation with our partners in the Kargro Group, we are able to meet new challenges in the area of product development.